Residency at Hulo Hotel

I'm very excited to finally announce this! 

A while back on social media, I mentioned something exciting was brewing but I didn't want to spoil it. Well, here it is. I'm currently a resident artist at The Hulo Hotel + Gallery, a new concept hotel in KL. It's an art hotel featuring works from 63 local artists. Each artist receives a room named after them which serves as a personal gallery. Art is filled to every corner of the hotel, along the corridors and on every floor. And every piece is available for purchase. So anyone may enjoy them during their stay, and take their favourites home if they so desire.

My work can be found in my designated room, the walkways, and I'm very honoured my paired pieces, 'Imposter of the Sea and Sky' has been featured in the lobby as well. The hotel is officially open now. I hope you will recommend it to your visiting friends and family. It's just 3 mins away from Times Square, and a website will be up soon where you can browse and book your preferred artist's room.